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Wyld Gears two chamber cooler design transforms this cooler into a multi use basecamp.  From deep sea fishing trips where you need your bait and beer in one maneuverable cooler to camping with the kids, you will find our patent pending design opens up doors you didn’t even know existed

  • Patented Divided Cooler Chambers –Multifunctional spaces to keep the hot hot and the cold cold
  • Extra thick Insulation to keep drinks colder or meals warmer
  • Rugged design for when you forget your ratchet system on that bumpy road
  • Heavy Duty Steel Wheels, fill our coolers to the top and move them around the dock or back country trails with ease
  • Pressure Equalizer Valve for trouble free lid operation
  • Net System for extra storage on the outside of the cooler
  • Aerator hole on both compartments to keep your bait fish or catch of the day alive and well.
  • Extra sticky feet with steel bolt on design

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