3 Simple Steps:

Don't wait 

The Longer you wait, the harder the cooler will be to clean. Waiting gives time for stains, odors, and mildew to sit in.
Empty all remaining contents. Create a mixture of warm water and dish soap. Use soft sponge to rub-down the cooler. Make sure to scrub all parts of, then thoroughly rinse with clean water.
This step is easily missed, yet very important. After cleaning leave the cooler unzipped and open for up to 48 hours to ensure cooler is completely dry.
Keep your cooler out of direct heat/sunlight or use tarps and towels to cover for protection
- Do not place on hot surfaces (if unavoidable place towel beneath for protection)
- Keep cooler away from harsh chemicals, acids and alkali
- Do not use boiling water to clean
- Do not submerge your DAZE cooler in water
- Occasionally apply an even amount of provided lube on zipper
- Do not place cooler near a fire or open flames
- Never use a hard bristle or wire brush to clean your DAZE Cooler 
- Never use Bleach on your DAZE Cooler